Friday, November 8, 2013

Victory...Are You There?

Dear God,

I need a victory in something......pretty soon. I can't keep reading about other people's successes and watching myself stand stagnant in the same water I've been wading in for years. I want to be like David in your word. That man had some mighty victories with Your help.

I am ready to move, not only move, but to advance. I want to be bold for You.

Give me wisdom and gumption to do it.....whatever it is I need to do. Let me be your spokesperson. I want others to know that You love them.

That is all. How do I do that? Show me the way and help me keep myself out of the picture and give You the glory.


{Daily Scripture Reading: II Samuel 8:1-8}

......The Lord gave David VICTORY
wherever he went.
II Samuel 8:6b

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