Friday, June 14, 2013

How to Become a Christian

If you pulled this up, it may mean that you are curious. If you stumbled upon this, you might ask yourself if it is purely coincidental or is there a reason? You might. You might not. Think about the billions of websites out there.

I can give a quiet testimony of my life and how I became a Christian. I can write down scriptures that will let you know how you can take in something into your life that will completely change how you view the world, how you act in the world, how you survive in the world, how you simply BE in the world. Sometimes, being a Christian is the ONLY thread that keeps me from sinking. Sometimes, being a Christian is like a massive tree that stands strong when winds blow.

God loves YOU. God sent His son (Jesus) to this earth to die for you and me. He did this because sin separates us from Him and He loves us so much that He wanted to provide a way so that we could have Him in our lives NOW...on this live an abundant life. Having God in our lives through the sacrifice of His son is the only way to know God and it is the only way to Heaven. There is a Heaven and there is a Hell. There is God and there is Satan. Satan hates God-God loves people-Satan hates people because God loves people. It is easy to understand.

I will use a most common verse in God's word to let you know how to become a Christian:

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

It is an internal decision for everyone. There are only two answers: You either believe, or you don't. It is that simple.

If you have made a decision to believe, find a good God believing church or a fellow Christian in your area, and let them know what you have done and tell them that you want to begin your life with God NOW. They should be able to direct you in the right path. There are numerous sites online (I will post as I find them). If someone came up to me and told me that they just became a believer and needed some help, I would do all that I could to help them and direct them. God's Holy Spirit becomes a part of your life when you believe and He directs and teaches us about God. It is a process until we take our last breath.........knowing God.