Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ready, Set, Write...

Let the writing begin:

Writing about writing is a circle of writing, don't you think?

What does one write about writing?

I took a songwriter's class this summer and it was fun sitting in a room with a bunch of folks like me trying to come up with ideas about pencils and horses and stars.

Writing comes from an innate desire to.....


It is that simple.

Every day, I have to write something. Let me say that again:

Every day, I HAVE to WRITE SOMETHING....

No, it needs to read


aww....that's better. Had to jot that down.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Magic of People in a Crowded Room

I saw him.

I was standing in line to order a chicken salad sandwich, garden salad, and a Coke for my mother in law and order a taco soup, wildberry smoothie, ice tea, and coffee for me and I saw him.

He was sitting next to another guy, a friend perhaps. He was talking to his friend but eye contacting me. I looked away quickly so he wouldn't notice that I noticed him or perhaps it was an accidental glance that connected us for a millisecond moment. I was next in line to place my order. The man and woman in front of me were taking their time, which was fine with me as I wasn't in a hurry.

DANG! I glanced over at stare guy in hopes that our eyes wouldn't meet again and that our moment in time was mere happenstance and I'll be darned if the invisible line of vision didn't take place AGAIN! Two times now! Do I go for three strikes? I'm too inquisitive NOT to look again...stupid Pandora's Box!

I place my order, pay the lady with my debit card, and glance over one more time. The guy was a nice looking man. Probably around 40 years of age. I'm feeling flattered that this eye contact type of game is still played in our type of world that we live in now and I am glad that I'm still found worthy enough to be included as a player. As I get older, I wonder when this will sadly come to an end and a "different" type of look will replace the flirty gazes of know, the look that changes to concern from people that you don't know because they wonder if you need help carrying boxes or walking up stairs. Not yet for me! I'm sure when I get to that point in my life, fraternization will be a long gone memory and a non existent desire, which makes me sad.

Was the mysterious, lost connection, good looking man looking at me a THIRD time?

I'll hold the answer to that question in my heart for a while as I merrily skip on down the road and glance at a reflection of myself in a nearby window...noticing that I'm not as old as my age because my heart, soul, and mind still sees and captures the magic of people in a crowded room.

btw, I'm 19,024 day old....


Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Poetry Book....A Never Ending Project

Took my book to the publisher and she came up with a BRILLIANT idea to add 60 more pages of written words to my completed manuscript....."It will make it better...." I should be typing up the words that I have written so far, but I am blogging instead.

There are three elements to each poem that I have written:

1. The poems themselves
2. The illustrations that I drew (special note: I am NOT an illustrator, but now that I have illustrated this book, I guess I am....what exactly determines what an illustrator is? Is it anyone that draws with a pen or pencil? In my case, YES...that is what it means.)
3. A bible verse that compliments the poem and/or picture drawn (found out that you cannot pull just any old bible verse out of any old bible and use it as a quote in any old book a person writes because the dern things are copyright protected and you have to get permission or heaven forbid PAY to use the words. I pulled all of the verses from my NIV 1984 edition bible. Who knew? Every word ever written in the lifetime of mankind is should be called copywronged.......because how can you take the words from an old bible, change up a few passages, copyright the new thing and claim them as your own when the words are Holy Spirit inspired.....CrAzY!! Where is the first addition? Does anyone know GREEK?

4. THE NEW IDEA: write about where the idea for each poem came from. A few of the poems came from some very dark places and I am not sure if I will write down where they came from or pull them from the book. I came to one of them yesterday to write about and I skipped over it to write about the next poem on my list, a poem about Maggie our weiner dog eating a frog. Guess where I got the idea for THAT poem?

I thought that THREE was the magic number, but I was given a fourth task to complete so now FOUR is the magic number although I think that only uneven numbers can be magic numbers so I guess I will have to come up with a FIFTH element to this book to keep it odd. (The numbers, not the book, although the book is odd in some places.)

I can't WAIT to get this project DONE!! My banjo is calling me to learn it every day and I have an amazing picture that I have to draw with oil pastel crayons!! I also have two more books to write and one of them scares the britches off of me because of the depth that I have to dig into myself to write it. I am also scared of who I will be AFTER I write it. I know that I will NOT be the same that a bad thing? If we live on this earth, we need to be changing and exploring and adventuring every day. It's OK to change. It IS!!! I give whoever is reading these words PERMISSION to CHANGE your life!! You have the permission of an illustrator that writes books now. Does that mean anything?

I have also asked three people so far to endorse my book and they have all said yes. A preacher, a dentist, and a bank CEO. I have several more people to ask from all walks of life and from different parts of the world! This book will be GLOBAL in scale....minutely global in scale. I'll take that! Sounds good to me. I give myself a homemade award for almost finishing this thing. I'll give myself a better reward when I have a printed copy in my hands! I'll give myself the BEST reward when 50,000 copies have been read. What is 50K in a world of 7 BILLION folks? Does anyone know math? What percentage is that? I would figure it up if I had a 10 key because my phone just won't do it.

That is my spiel for the day....

The End


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Short and Sweet

Trying to write in a blog on your phone is like......trying to swim laps in your bathtub....pitiful. Hopefully, I can write on a regular basis after my book is punlished. Should be finished in ONE WEEk!

From the phone of me...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Creative Drunks. Is there such a thing?

Hello Yonder Hearts peeps! I have not been blogging much these days because:

*It seems to be fading away (blogging that is/not my brain...??).
*I haven't had a computer, laptop, ipad at my house for the past two plus years and I type on the computer at our local library and at work. This is totally by choice as we moved to the country and quite frankly, there is a plethora of things to do there that does not include using a computer. I am enjoying the break from it in my domain and I may continue that for a few more months.
*Working on my book (the Great American Poetry book) Hard to do without a computer at the house. The library folks know me by name.
*Trying to learn banjo stuff to play it...

...a countless LIST of reasons why. Short spurts of witty comments and one liners are used daily in the Facebook world and in YouTube. Sometimes though, I feel the need to get back on Blogtime and log some type of lengthier one liner. SOMETIMES, I want to write something deeper than:

"Have a good day"
"Happy Birthday"
"So sorry for your loss"
"I'll be praying for you"
"That's a good one"
"You're an idiot...LOL"
"I need coffee"
"I need more sleep and less stress"
"I love cats"
"I hate cats"
"Dogs and cats go to Heaven when they die"

You know, stuff like that.

Sometimes, I want to write stuff like:

WHENCE And from which hour thou mightst findeth thyself sullied by the temper of thine epoch (abashed or abraded, bemused, befuddled, chastened or downtrodden, disconsolate, dispirited, enfeebled or exasperated), thou shalt at each moment speaketh to thyself....

I don't even know what that means. Someone I know wrote that one time and I thought it poetic. He was probably drunk. WHY does a person have to be drunk or stoned to be creative????? That totally STINKS if that is the case. A lot of creative people are drunks and stoners. Hence, another list:

Alas, I tried to research (and by research I mean Google) "creative drunks" and the dang computer almost blew up. Does that mean that there are too many to list, does it mean there is no such thing as creative drunks, or does it mean that I have infected my computer with a nasty virus? What does it mean???

I saw a supposed quote from a famous writer (I think his last name was Hemingway or something) that said, "Write drunk, edit sober." Who was that guy? Of course a man wrote that quote. I guess a woman could have written it as well....but she didn't. Probably because she wasn't drunk enough to creatively come up with that philosophy. Maybe alcohol affects a man's brain differently than it does a woman's brain. I don't often see creative drunk women. I'm trying to think of the last time that I saw ANY creative drunk. I'm not around a lot of inebriates, so I may be missing out on some juicy type of insight.


That was a ramble on for sure. My point? I need to write more in depthly and use words that are not made up (like in depthly).

I think that is all for now.
BTW, I bought a laptop a few days ago. Gotta get it out, plug it in, and see if it works. Currently, I am typing at the library again!