Thursday, January 4, 2018

Wit Wall

I have 11 minutes to type.

Timed writing is race writing is good writing or bad writing.

I'm not so sure that working under pressure always produces the best results.

Wit Wall.

Say it out loud.

And quickly too.

It sounds like you have a speech impediment. (a little bit)

I am making a Wit Wall in my loft room. One wall will have paper all over it with Sharpe pens near by and every thought that comes to my head will be written down. I've seen this in movies when they lock people up in those padded rooms. Crazy people write on walls. Is it that crazy? What is wrong with getting the things in your head out for you to visually look at and see if it makes sense? Sometimes, it doesn't make sense. Is that wrong? I think it is a magnificent idea to have categories and separate boxes, lines, circles, or WHATEVERS to divide out what you are thinking about.

For instance, my wonderful inventions. I can have an entire section to put all of the ideas that pop up in my head about certain things that need to be invented (or don't need to be invented). Maybe a list of things that should never be invented. Don't EVER invent a gas can made up of compressed grass coated with kerosene. You know, things like that.

Some people may not even need an entire wall. Maybe they only need a Wit Stamp or a Wit Copy Machine Paper. I don't know. I think I will need an entire wall.

Einstein probably needed a house....with lots of walls.

Wit Wall!!! (my battle cry for today).


Wednesday, January 3, 2018


What do we do with this new year that has been thrust upon us?

I know what I'm going to be doing this year!

*Think about life.

*Do a little life.

*Laugh about life.

I have a wall in my "creative loft" that I want to dedicate to living and doing in 2018. I am going to cover the entire wall with paper and then write down every single thing that I want to do, address and accomplish this year. Every time an idea pops into my head, I am going to write it down. The craziest things pop into my head too. Still. After all of these years of brain popping ideas. I pray to God that my mind NEVER stops working this way. I love the ideas that come into my mind. There is no way that I could possibly execute every idea that appears out of no where. The bible says that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, HE will give us the desires of our heart and I can absolutely attest to that fact. The most wonderful ideas and desires come into my mind. Story ideas. Goofy inventions that won't possibly work, but never the less NEED inventing (like my tornado proof bed and the bean pot sling that you can put in your car to transport beans to people without them spilling because of the force of husband says that invention has already been invented and it is called Tupperware with a lid....boring!!)

There are two words that are working on my heart this year: Adventures and Temptations. I had an adventure yesterday when I went to get my car's yearly inspection. This is the first year that it has had to have an inspection as it is relatively new. 2015 Ford Fiesta (party wagon....ha). My party wagon has only 19,000 miles on it. I only drive it to work and back. I plan on putting LOTS of miles on it this year because of ADVENTURE!!! I pulled my car into the garage of this inspection building. I have done at least 30 or so inspections like this in my life time on different cars. The items that are checked to make sure they are working: break lights, back left signal, back right signal, honk the horn, front right signal, front left signal, windshield wipers, front headlights. For some odd, unknown reason, when the man asked me to hit my bright lights on the headlights, I totally did not know how. I turned the windshield wipers on the front of my car. I turned the back window windshield wipers on. I turned my front ones on again and hit'em on HIGH. The back ones came on again as I flipped the switch. I said, "I KNOW these were working yesterday, that's odd." I started sweating and my heart started pounding because I really felt stupid. Where in the HECK was my bright light switch. All I could think of was that I would now have to get my car fixed before it passed the inspection because my bright light switch was now turning on my windshield wipers. Alas, the man walked over to the driver's side of my car, flipped the switch on the other side of the steering wheel, the switch that I have used now for three years to turn on the bright lights, and low and behold, they worked!!


Do you ever feel like you are smart and then something happens to prove you WRONG? If you haven't, just wait!! Don't EVER get cocky about being intelligent! You'll get MURDERED with humiliation if you do. Not that I think that I am super intelligent, but my goodness.....who doesn't know how to turn their bright lights on in their car that they have driven for three years?

Let the ADVENTURES of 2018 BEGIN!!

On the topic of Temptations, let's just say that I have had some wonderful insight on how this world works and how temptation plays a role in just about everything we do. It is amazing that something that we can't see has so much bearing on how we live our lives. It blows my mind how simple it is to fight temptation if we only do daily what the bible says to do to fight it. Temptation never hits us when we are strong, it always hits us at our weakest moments. It is who we turn to or what we do in our weakest moments that help us fight temptations. Is the thing that we turn to when we are weak, strong enough to fight that battle? I read a line out of Ephesians in the bible that would make an AWESOME intro into a story that I am thinking about writing that is SCARY!!

"Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."

Think about it! Why do we waste time trying to body battle things if the REAL battle is in things we can't see. How does a person fight things they can't see? People do it every day. Are they using the right tools to do it? The line above from Ephesians is quite penetrating and a bit unnerving. If you don't believe it, what if it IS true? Do you think? Do you ponder? Watch out my friend!! You may forget how to turn on your bright lights when someone asks you!!

Adventures and Temptations....two words for 2018.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ready, Set, Write...

Let the writing begin:

Writing about writing is a circle of writing, don't you think?

What does one write about writing?

I took a songwriter's class this summer and it was fun sitting in a room with a bunch of folks like me trying to come up with ideas about pencils and horses and stars.

Writing comes from an innate desire to.....


It is that simple.

Every day, I have to write something. Let me say that again:

Every day, I HAVE to WRITE SOMETHING....

No, it needs to read


aww....that's better. Had to jot that down.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Magic of People in a Crowded Room

I saw him.

I was standing in line to order a chicken salad sandwich, garden salad, and a Coke for my mother in law and order a taco soup, wildberry smoothie, ice tea, and coffee for me and I saw him.

He was sitting next to another guy, a friend perhaps. He was talking to his friend but eye contacting me. I looked away quickly so he wouldn't notice that I noticed him or perhaps it was an accidental glance that connected us for a millisecond moment. I was next in line to place my order. The man and woman in front of me were taking their time, which was fine with me as I wasn't in a hurry.

DANG! I glanced over at stare guy in hopes that our eyes wouldn't meet again and that our moment in time was mere happenstance and I'll be darned if the invisible line of vision didn't take place AGAIN! Two times now! Do I go for three strikes? I'm too inquisitive NOT to look again...stupid Pandora's Box!

I place my order, pay the lady with my debit card, and glance over one more time. The guy was a nice looking man. Probably around 40 years of age. I'm feeling flattered that this eye contact type of game is still played in our type of world that we live in now and I am glad that I'm still found worthy enough to be included as a player. As I get older, I wonder when this will sadly come to an end and a "different" type of look will replace the flirty gazes of know, the look that changes to concern from people that you don't know because they wonder if you need help carrying boxes or walking up stairs. Not yet for me! I'm sure when I get to that point in my life, fraternization will be a long gone memory and a non existent desire, which makes me sad.

Was the mysterious, lost connection, good looking man looking at me a THIRD time?

I'll hold the answer to that question in my heart for a while as I merrily skip on down the road and glance at a reflection of myself in a nearby window...noticing that I'm not as old as my age because my heart, soul, and mind still sees and captures the magic of people in a crowded room.

btw, I'm 19,024 day old....


Thursday, November 30, 2017

My Poetry Book....A Never Ending Project

Took my book to the publisher and she came up with a BRILLIANT idea to add 60 more pages of written words to my completed manuscript....."It will make it better...." I should be typing up the words that I have written so far, but I am blogging instead.

There are three elements to each poem that I have written:

1. The poems themselves
2. The illustrations that I drew (special note: I am NOT an illustrator, but now that I have illustrated this book, I guess I am....what exactly determines what an illustrator is? Is it anyone that draws with a pen or pencil? In my case, YES...that is what it means.)
3. A bible verse that compliments the poem and/or picture drawn (found out that you cannot pull just any old bible verse out of any old bible and use it as a quote in any old book a person writes because the dern things are copyright protected and you have to get permission or heaven forbid PAY to use the words. I pulled all of the verses from my NIV 1984 edition bible. Who knew? Every word ever written in the lifetime of mankind is should be called copywronged.......because how can you take the words from an old bible, change up a few passages, copyright the new thing and claim them as your own when the words are Holy Spirit inspired.....CrAzY!! Where is the first addition? Does anyone know GREEK?

4. THE NEW IDEA: write about where the idea for each poem came from. A few of the poems came from some very dark places and I am not sure if I will write down where they came from or pull them from the book. I came to one of them yesterday to write about and I skipped over it to write about the next poem on my list, a poem about Maggie our weiner dog eating a frog. Guess where I got the idea for THAT poem?

I thought that THREE was the magic number, but I was given a fourth task to complete so now FOUR is the magic number although I think that only uneven numbers can be magic numbers so I guess I will have to come up with a FIFTH element to this book to keep it odd. (The numbers, not the book, although the book is odd in some places.)

I can't WAIT to get this project DONE!! My banjo is calling me to learn it every day and I have an amazing picture that I have to draw with oil pastel crayons!! I also have two more books to write and one of them scares the britches off of me because of the depth that I have to dig into myself to write it. I am also scared of who I will be AFTER I write it. I know that I will NOT be the same that a bad thing? If we live on this earth, we need to be changing and exploring and adventuring every day. It's OK to change. It IS!!! I give whoever is reading these words PERMISSION to CHANGE your life!! You have the permission of an illustrator that writes books now. Does that mean anything?

I have also asked three people so far to endorse my book and they have all said yes. A preacher, a dentist, and a bank CEO. I have several more people to ask from all walks of life and from different parts of the world! This book will be GLOBAL in scale....minutely global in scale. I'll take that! Sounds good to me. I give myself a homemade award for almost finishing this thing. I'll give myself a better reward when I have a printed copy in my hands! I'll give myself the BEST reward when 50,000 copies have been read. What is 50K in a world of 7 BILLION folks? Does anyone know math? What percentage is that? I would figure it up if I had a 10 key because my phone just won't do it.

That is my spiel for the day....

The End