Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cory's Day by Theresa Arnold

Cory fell and hit his head.
When he rolled out of his bed.

Hit his toe upon a wall
When he walked into his hall.

Electrocuted his right thumb
Now his tingling hand was numb.

Bathroom sink sure hurt his pride
When he hit it, bruised his side.

Left his driveway, backing up
Hit and killed his neighbor's pup.

Morning coffee burnt his lip
When he stopped to take a sip.

Office chair was on the ground
Loud "KABAAM" and then fell down.

When he grabbed the desk to rise
Something flew into his eyes.

He said, "How much more of this?"
Then he heard a cobra's hiss.

Bit his leg and crawled away
Cory on the floor did lay.

Sirens wailed there was a crash
Cory's ambulance was smashed.

Got him out, for Heaven's sake
How much more can this man take?

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

One Post in March

I read the last post that I wrote in February and DANG, that thing sure rambled on!

I had to get at least ONE post in for the month of March before it dissipates. March, not my post.

So, here it is.

One post.

In March.



Do I have any words of wit for this month?


The words are:

Get your ducks in a row.
Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do.
Call your mom.
Happy Easter (even though that is in April this year).
Don't wait. . . for ANYTHING!
Take a different route home from work at least once a week.

Goofy things I wonder about at times:

Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a phone line to Heaven? Wouldn't it be not so fantastic if there was only ONE phone in ONE location in the world to make those calls from?

How HARD would it be to invent chocolate that tasted good AND didn't make a person fat??
Is that too much to ask? Oh yeah, and also how hard would it be to let loose the CURE for cancer to those that have the cure? Does one person hold the magic answers? Also, has someone actually been aborted that DID have the cure? I hear people say that about babies that are aborted? People say that we may be killing the people that have the answers to life's problems. Maybe that is why we have dadgum TRUMP as President here in the good old USA....someone got rid of who was SUPPOSED to be the President and our punishment is Trump. This COULD be true....no way to prove it though. No way at all. That is why I like to ask questions that can't be answered. I especially like to ask these questions to people that are the SMARTEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. I know quite a few of these folks and their intelligence blows me away and down a sewer hole sometimes. Lots of smart people with lots of answers in this world. I am sarcastically amazed by their wit:)

All for March.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Appreciate EVERYTHING!!

Blink and a day is gone.
Sleep and a week is gone.
Do something you love to do and a lifetime is gone before you know it.

There is NOT enough me to do all that needs doing.

Does anyone have enough of themselves to do what they want to do?

I think of people that are homeless. Do their days seem long or short to them? I am going to ask this question to the next homeless person that I see. It seems that there are more and more homeless people popping up in the area that I live in. Someone told me that Dallas has kicked out a lot of their homeless that are living under bridges and in the streets and they have hopped on the northbound trains and ended up in Denton, TX. I would hate to be a homeless woman in a sea of homeless men. It has to be harder for women than men. I would think. If I was a homeless woman, I would pretend like I was a man. I guess that I would blow my cover when it was time to pee though. Homeless women seem crazier than homeless men. Are they? I don't usually see homeless women standing on street corners with signs for donations. It seems to be men only. Is that because they beat the women up? These are things I ponder. It has been so cold here the last few months. Where do they go when it gets cold? I hate being out for a few minutes. Imagine if that is the ONLY place you can be....outside when the temperature is below freezing. Imagine being limited to having and owning only the things you can carry. What would I carry? Where would I get food? What are the most important things in life to carry on you at all times? Do these people give a rip about cell phones and social media? This may secretly be heaven on earth for folks.

Things I would carry with me if I was homeless:
*my ukulele
*my backpack

What would be in my backpack?

I read a story one time about the Jews during pre WWII when they were being taken to the ghettos to live. They could only take what they could carry. One girl's mom told her to put on her heavy winter boots even though it was summertime and very hot. This girl ended up in a concentration camp and survived the winters. She later wrote that it was her boots that kept her alive. She had warm boots to keep her alive. The small things that we take for granted could be the things that help us survive tragic events.

Small things that I take for granted:
*toe nail clippers
*good knives
*running water

I could have a million things on this list and not begin to list all of the small things that are a blessing. Let's not even begin the list of sight, sound, touch, taste, speech, the ability to think and process information.

Is this world turning into a place of people that do not know how to appreciate anything?
The ability to appreciate and be grateful for life (let's be general here) is paramount in establishing the quality of life we live.

Do something good with the gifts given to you!! If you have breath, appreciate EVERYTHING!!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Beginning of a Story

They said that she looked NORMAL on the outside. She had a bright and cheerful disposition most days, but no one knew the internal hysteria that thundered throughout her soul as she robotically worked through her mundane job. She hid it well. Inside herself, she was insane. The voices in her head tormented her all hours of the day and night as she attempted to live a NORMAL life. She had never revealed to anyone her cavernous thoughts and manic desires.

But one day, she decided that she would share her wickedness with THE WORLD!!!

The beginning of the end so to speak.

This story could go so many directions....

Where shall I take it?


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Telephone Operators

I was sitting at work today and I wondered,

"Are telephone operators still around?"

I picked up the phone.

Dialed "9" to get an outside line.

Dialed "0" because that use to be how to get in touch with an operator if you had questions.

You know what I got?

A busy signal.

I guess phone companies must have cut down on staffing and the four or five people they have working were busy with other calls.

There used to be songs written about operators.(Google for a list of operator songs because I am pressed for time).

I guess songs will now be written about real live non people that don't exist like Echo and Alexa.

Has anyone ever thought about the people that actually PROGRAM these devices?? Who are THEY? Is that where all the operators have gone?

It boggles the mind, "it" being obsoleteness.