Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Take The Solitary Road Sometimes

Dear God,

I like my quiet time. I have always been that way. When people interrupt me when I want to be alone, it makes me mad. "Please leave me alone so I can be ALONE!"I don't want to be by myself all the time, just sometimes.

It seems that people are around me every inch of the day; at home, at work, when I shop.

You know that I love people, it's just that I like my quiet time too. I shouldn't get mad when it is interrupted, but I do. Well, I am not sure if "mad" is the right word, maybe irritated or annoyed are better choice words to use. I like the road of one-ness sometimes (well, two-ness when I count YOU).

Lord, please help me each day to have my quiet time by myself. I think it makes me better to people around me all day long when I do carve out this time to be alone.........with YOU.


{Daily Scripture Reading: Luke 4:38-44}

At daybreak, Jesus went out
to a solitary place.
Luke 4:42

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