Wednesday, November 6, 2013

♥Sweet Giving♥

Dear God,

Which is sweeter? When someone gives flowers or when someone receives flowers?

I love getting flowers. You know that my favorite flower (and it is hard to say that I have a favorite because they are all so beautiful) is a tulip. Tulips are simple little flowers and they have no smell. They have many colors to offer. They are stocky and strong to me. They look beautiful in a crystal vase OR a mason jar with the water line half way up the jar. They are versatile and pragmatic, at least to ME they are that way. This is a lot to place on a flower.

I like giving flowers, especially if I know what the person's favorite flower is. My mom loved yellow roses. When I gave her flowers, that is what I gave her. (she is no longer here ya know) One flower or two dozen, either amount gets the same reaction when given or received. Well, at least a smile is mustard up.

Your word says it is more blessed to give than to receive. Help me to KNOW this blessing because I think that when we get to the point in our lives of loving the GIVING of flowers more than the RECEIVING of flowers, we will begin to know a little more about Your type of love......"God Love". 


{Daily Scripture Reading: Acts 20:32-38}

It is more blessed to give than to receive..
Acts 20:35b

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