Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tulips de' Stink...a poem as promised

Tulips de’ Stink
By Theresa Arnold
Six white tulips
Float in a vase
Their beauty and charm
Are delectable
But what is that stench?
My nose wrinkles up
I cannot escape
It’s detestable!
I lift up my arms
And smell my own pits
It’s not me, oh good
I sniff harder
I turn my head left
My upper lip raised
And ask “Is that you?”
To my daughter.
She says, “It’s not me,
I showered this morn.
How dare you accuse me
We looked at the flowers
I held in my hand
“Oh no, couldn’t be,
There’s NO way!”
I lowered my head
Took air in my lungs
My tulips
TOO pretty to stink
I jerked back my head
And coughed 1-2-3
“Aroma de’ armpit”
I think.
Where in the HECK
Did these flowers acquire
The smell of a
Road worker’s Feet?
My Goodness, they stunk
But beauty is stronger
Than odor…also,
They were cheap!
So I bought the flowers
And I took them home
And emptied a can
Of Febreze
The very next day
The smell lingered on
Like some type of
Rancid disease.
“But beauty is stronger”
Again I did argue
This smell comes from God
Up above
I’ll NEVER throw out
My “tulips de’ stink”
Because everything
Deserves LOVE!!
I decided to post the poem....because I care:)
Have a GREAT stinky Spring!