Thursday, November 28, 2013

Broken People Can Do Stuff

Dear God,

My daughter told me one time "Broken people can do stuff".

Isn't that the truth Lord? It seems like people who have been through great trials and tribulations in this life have so much more grit and are more apt to accomplish things than people who have never been broken. I've read that when bones are broken, reset, put into casts, and then go through the healing process that the mended area is stronger than it was before it was broken. That's what I have always heard.

If it is true, then this would be a good analogy; broken bones and broken people.

People are stronger where they heal just like bones are stronger in the broken area that has healed.

Thank you for healing and strength. They seem to go hand and hand, don't they?


{Daily Scripture Reading: I Peter 2:19-25} His wounds you have been healed.
I Peter 2:24b

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