Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Freedom Rant from A Genius

I have the privilege of being friends with someone on Facebook that claims to know a lot about life. Maybe he does, especially when he is drunk. Here is one of his drunk write ups. He is extremely philosophical when he pens his thoughts in the wee hours of the morn. I can say that I would have never come up with such a colorful write up about celebrating freedom....perhaps if I were a drinkin' gal....:

Celebrating Freedom
by A Facebook Person's Pen

Celebrate your freedom today. Your freedom to never disobey gravity. Your freedom to never escape entropy. Your freedom to never lose cohesion and dematerialize. You freedom to never bilocate or travel without physical exertion. Your freedom to never communicate telepathically. Your freedom to never be able to stop eating, drinking, piss&*%, shi&$%^, and breathing. Your freedom to never see any spectrum of light outside of "visible" light. Your freedom to only hear up to 20,000Hz of sound. Your freedom to never know the future in full detail. Your freedom to never exist as a species unless you procreate. Your freedom to be trapped in your physical body for the duration of life. Your freedom to never be able to stop physically moving as long as you live. But most importantly, your freedom to realize the illusion of freedom.

I am a collector of unusual and cool sounding names, drunk rants and raves, and any word that someone may mumble under their breath or express in the passion of a moment. For some reason, I keep a cool head and jot things down to dwell on later. I have always been a delayed type girl.

I have the Freedom to be that way.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

No Depth, well...Maybe A Little

I can't come up with ONE deep thought these days.

It bothers me. I used to live in a world of "depthual" perception.

Clichés and hackneyed phrases dominate my thinking and litter the pathway of creativity.
(that's a pretty good sentence.....)

I have had a letdown as I thought this week that my writing project I began in June was finished when I wrote, what I thought, was the LAST thing on my list.  I read through my long list of writings and realized that I had duplicated 9 things on my list and now I have to come up with NINE MORE original creations. To be frank about it, I am depleted. I really don't want to stop until it is done, but I also don't want to produce garbage either. I can only write so much about skunks and squirrels and the stars in the sky and the sunsets and trees!! 

I will trudge on. I have asked for help from the teacher that assigned me this project in the first place. My teacher's name is Jesus. After all, He was/is the greatest teacher that ever lived/lives. I have a huge list of things to write about after this project is done that He has assigned to me. I am confident that I will get inspiration and finish this because there are 6 more books to write after this one. I have already begun the 2nd project which will take me time because it involves talking to 100 different people. That doesn't just happen naturally either.

IT IS EXCITING, but wearing me out!! Did I mention that I am also wall papering the house and trying to finish up the interior so that I can start on the landscaping and furniture restorations that I have in my head? I also work a full time job and have a husband that likes to go do stuff...you know...like HAVE FUN! What is THAT? Thank goodness for him:)





Love LIFE!

My brain sometimes likes to nap away creativity.....

Monday, September 12, 2016



One day...

One day brings...

One day brings us...

One day brings us unimaginable...

One day brings us unimaginable possibilities...

One day brings us unimaginable possibilities squashed...

One day brings us unimaginable possibilities squashed forever...

if we don't pay attention to what is going on around us.


Friday, September 9, 2016

On the Eve Eve of 9/11

I remember where I was on 09/11/2001 when the first plane, second plane, third plane, and forth and final plane crashed on that day. I remember the silence in the skies for the next 3 days after it all happened and no planes flew above. I remember exactly how I felt. I remember how crowded churches were that Sunday and the Sundays following. I remember how beautiful the sunsets where and the clouds were enormous and the air was crisp and cool and the temperature was PERFECT. It was like it was some type of consolation gift for what we had just experienced here in America.

I wrote this poem in 2007.....

Remembering Those Who Protect and Serve 09/11/2007 

Let us not forget
Six years ago today
The feeling that we had
In rubble our freedom lay. 

Each day we live this life
In bliss and without fear
Today is all we have to live
Tomorrow may not appear.  

The sacrifice of many
We owe our gratitude
Their selfless acts of duty
Sometimes are misconstrued.  

Let’s stop and do remember
To thank our Lord above
Each breath we take
Each word we speak
Is bought with someone’s blood.
People, we need to stop the fussin' and meanness. It is BAD!
We should never have to write poems about remembering horrible things.



Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Soft Place to Land and Soul Mates


I love to fantasize and create images of fake people with cool backgrounds and false facts of awesomeness....but, I totally do not believe in soul mates and "soft places to land". It all sounds good and endearing to use these terms to describe a LOVE of your life, but come on! Really? It makes for poetic recreational reading to me.

What I have experienced thus far in my life is that when people use these terms to describe their relationships, they usually end up getting divorced, separated, or killing each other. OH MY GOODNESS.....don't you just HATE that? I am not saying that ALL folks end up that way that chose to communicate their feelings for each other using these types of terms, but who can eat HONEY all day long without throwing up?

I hate that I don't have a gooshie side to me when I deal with reality. I LOVE that I have a gooshie mooshie side when dealing with fantasy. Isn't that cool? I think in a relationship, it should be based on "what you see is what you get". How does a person know what they are getting if they are referred to as a "soft place to land" "my everything" "my soul mate". If I was someone's soul mate, I would feel sorry for them. I would let them down daily in the perfection department. I certainly don't want someone in my life that refers to me as their soul mate either. EWWWW.......get a grip buddy! I don't want that kind of pressure put on me and don't you DARE do that to me.

My love letters would certainly be insipid to a lover.

Dear Lover,

I am glad that you work and cook supper for me. You are good to be around. You aren't my everything, but you come pretty close to being almost some of the things that I need in life. Let's go get some groceries together and sing some songs that come on the radio together and laugh at funny looking people together and sweat together in the Texas heat? This one thing I do know about you:
I love you.
You will have to take me at my word.

Is that so bad?



Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dove Season in Texas

FLY little doves.....FLY!!

Today is September 1st and open season on dove in Texas.

I saw three dove in our driveway this morning and I told them to hang out there for the entire month of September if they didn't want to get shot.

I love animals....both as pets and to eat. I know that may sound mean, but it is true. I feed the little hummingbirds in our backyard every day. They are wearing me out and eating all of our sugar. I don't care. I will feed them until they fly away at the end of this month. They need their sugar water. I fix their meal with one hand, and eat a chicken leg with the other hand.

This is crazy stuff. Does that make me a hypocrite? No. I'm human and have to eat to live and meat is good. I'm gonna live to be 101 years old because I eat meat.

On the other hand, I take care and feed all the little animals in our forest. It is the best of both worlds.

So, FLY!!! Fly little doves and don't get shot. If for some reason you do, and if my husband happens to bring you home after he shoots you, he will wrap bacon around you, grill you, and you will supply us with nutrients so that we can take care of the other animals. It IS the circle of life.