Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Battle's Long (a poem about FAT!) by Theresa Arnold

Me fight fat
Ten pounds stat!
Battle’s tough
Daily rough!
Food is hell
Tempting smell
Spirit strife
Healthy life
Morning wins
Evening sins
Stomach’s poke’n
Zippers broken
Nighttime chunk
Sleeping hunk
Morning comes
Workout runs
Pray for HELP
Hear my yelp!
Make me strong
Fat is wrong
Hurts my heart
Other parts
Spirit FIGHT
Lard, take flight!
Ten pounds…Drop
Constant prayer
If I dare
Make me strong
Battle’s LONG!!
As I have somehow managed to age over the years, I have discovered that it truly IS harder to lose belly fat when we get older. That sure is pitiful, isn't it? Must we deplete our daily intake of calories just so our britches will fit better and we won't have wrinkles and bumps on our legs? I refuse to get on crack just to lose weight. Ain't gonna do it!! I refuse to drink my meals too. Surely, there is a way to eat normal food and keep off weight. I was reading in Galatians 5 about the fruit of the spirit today. One of the fruits is SELF CONTROL!! That fruit must have fallen off the tree and rolled down the hill from me a few years ago. I guess I will need to walk on down the hill and pick that sucker up and eat it!!
Later Tators!