Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chocolate and Before Time Began....

Dear God,

Why is chocolate SO GOOD? I love chocolate, especially the dark-semi sweet kind. There was an actual day in history, a pin pointed exact day and time, when someone decided to add cocoa and sugar together to make chocolate. When and who did this wonderful and marvelous thing to create such a scrumptious and marvelous thing as CHOCOLATE?

What else is in this world that is waiting to be invented that might even be BETTER than chocolate?

I guess everything that has ever BEEN had a starting point. It is very hard for me to comprehend that You have always BEEN and that you never had a starting point. I really can't comprehend that because it goes beyond my ability.

That is why I am not God.


{Daily Scripture Reading: II Timothy 1:6-12

This grace was given us in Christ Jesus
II Timothy 1:9b 

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