Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chunky Dog Dreamin'

Dear God,
I think it sounds funny when our dog snores. He is at total peace with the world.

The other day, our dog was sleeping and I guess he was dreaming. His little paws were kicking, his mouth was moving up and down, showing his teeth. He often looked like he was smiling.

I wonder what his limited dog head was thinking about. I am sure it was either chasing a tennis ball or a cat. He is a pretty chunky sized dog, so he might have been chasing a biscuit.

My question about dreams is: Do you speak to us in dreams sometimes, God? I know in the old testament, you did. I am not sure why that would change from days of old until now. I have had some pretty revealing dreams come to me at times. Was that YOU?

Thank you for dreams.


{Daily Scripture Reading: Genesis 37:5-11}

Joseph had a dream.....
Genesis 37:5a

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