Monday, October 14, 2013

Do You Have a Favorite Instrument God?

Dear God,
Do you have a favorite instrument that you like to listen to? Do you even have favorites at all? Do you prefer one thing over another thing? I am so trying to figure out how you may think, but I try to squeeze infinite and Godly ways into my human pea size mind and your ways don't fit. They are just way too big.

The bible mentions harps a lot. Do you like stringed instruments? I sure do. The bible mentions trumpets too. How about horns? Trumpets are so cool. I play a ukulele. Do you like those? God, I love you. I bet you like ukuleles. They are happy little instruments.

I can't wait to hear the music in Heaven. I bet it is amazing because I know the stuff down here is pretty good and everyone knows Heaven is a million times better than Earth ever thought about being.


{Daily Scripture Reading: Psalms 98}

Make music to the Lord with the harp,
    with the harp and the sound of singing..

Psalms 98:5

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