Sunday, October 27, 2013

Evil Can Conquer Itself....

Dear God,

I don't like to talk about evil things. Evil exists. I don't even like writing about it. Mankind's mind can think of horrible and despicable things to destroy plants, animals, and people. It seems that evil attacks LIVING things, doesn't it? I hate to write this, but the Devil exists too.

I am comforted and at peace knowing that You are GREATER than evil and Satan. Your word speaks of love AND evil. It speaks of You and Satan. I can't ignore the fact that it exists. I acknowledge it, know it, and run from it. The bible says to run and not cling to evil.

Evil exists, which causes me to want to be closer to YOU. I guess you could say that "Evil conquers itself because it drives people to YOU".


{Daily Scripture Reading: Romans 12:9-21}

Do not be overcome by evil, but
overcome evil with good.
Romans 12:21

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