Thursday, January 9, 2014

Did Jesus Make Chairs?

Dear God,

Thank you for this new chair that I am sitting in now as I write. It sits in front of my desk in my bedroom. It is more than a "Desk" chair. It is big enough for me to sit cross legged while I write down thoughts with a journal propped in my lap. It does not angle at 90 degrees but has the perfect "back lean" to it. It is a fine chair and I look forward to writing many letters to You while I sit in it. I will also pay bills, read, study, and ponder on life in it as well.

There is nothing like a good chair. Hey, wasn't Jesus a carpenter? Did He make furniture too? I have always wondered about that...I know that He could have made furniture if He wanted to!


{Daily Scripture Reading: Mark 6: 1-12

 Isn’t this the carpenter?
Mark 6:3a

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