Monday, January 20, 2014

Daily Eatin'

Dear God,

If I had to eat one meal a day (thankfully, I do not) I would eat BREAKFAST. I would eat about 10:00 am and totally fill up on eggs, bacon, biscuits, hash browns, gravy, and fruit. I would also drink coffee with whipping cream in it.......YUM!

I wish that our bodies were designed to eat once a day and in doing that, it would be the healthy way to eat. For some reason, increment eating is better and stabilizes blood sugar in our bodies.

I think that our spiritual bodies somehow are made to function the same way too. Small increments throughout the day seem to work better for me than one lump sum in the morning or evening. I wouldn't even think of eating once a week to feed my body. When I don't feed my SOUL with your words, I can tell a difference in my strength. I can tell when a difficult situation comes up in my life if I have not been feeding my soul the right food and if I have not been working it out. Lord, thank you for nourishment, both physical and soulful.


{Daily Scripture Reading: Matthew 6:9-13}

Give us today our daily bread.
Matthew 6:11

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