Saturday, September 14, 2013

Will There Be SLEEP in Heaven?

Dear God,
I am so tired that I literally cannot see straight. I have to squint to read the road signs as I am driving down the road.


That was a good thing you invented. There is nothing like waking up after a good sleep and feeling completely rested.

It seems that I know a lot of people that have trouble sleeping at night. I would sure hate that. We humans need sleep to function and survive.

Will we have to (or should I say...GET TO as I love it so much) sleep in Heaven? I guess it won't be necessary, will it?


{Daily Scripture Reading: Proverbs 3:19-26}

When you lie down,
you will not be afraid;
    when you lie down,

your sleep will be sweet.
Proverbs 3:24


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