Monday, October 3, 2016


I have finished all of the writings for my project that I have been working on since June of this year. I laid everything out this morning on the floor to begin the process of putting these things in some type of harmonious flowing order. There has to be a gentle flow to these written words....there HAS to be because flow is what it is all about. Isn't it?

I have also entered the editing phase as well. This kind of stuff is NOT fun for me. I would rather write, play, doodle, and laugh. I would rather not roll up my sleeves, plant my butt in a chair, and organize and perfect (to which there is no such thing as perfection, so why bother?) this project.

I have also wrestled with the idea of getting some illustrations to some or all of these writings. There is one person in particular that I think would add wonderful flavor to these words. All he can say is NO. Then, I will know the next direction that I need to go. Well, actually, I won't know. If he says no, will that mean that I need to find someone else or just publish what I have without any drawings?

Decisions, Decisions!!

There is also a woman that I met named Annette Bridges, who has a website and her specialty is helping women by being their cheerleader. When I spoke with her, she wanted to get started on helping women with publishing their writings and I would be her FIRST "writee"! Her site is:

Anyway, all of this will cost money. How much? I need to know a dollar amount and a time limit. Are there such things as cold hard facts and black and white info for publishing books because I need to know this stuff?

What a TRIP!!

Happy October to ya'll!


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