Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Freedom Rant from A Genius

I have the privilege of being friends with someone on Facebook that claims to know a lot about life. Maybe he does, especially when he is drunk. Here is one of his drunk write ups. He is extremely philosophical when he pens his thoughts in the wee hours of the morn. I can say that I would have never come up with such a colorful write up about celebrating freedom....perhaps if I were a drinkin' gal....:

Celebrating Freedom
by A Facebook Person's Pen

Celebrate your freedom today. Your freedom to never disobey gravity. Your freedom to never escape entropy. Your freedom to never lose cohesion and dematerialize. You freedom to never bilocate or travel without physical exertion. Your freedom to never communicate telepathically. Your freedom to never be able to stop eating, drinking, piss&*%, shi&$%^, and breathing. Your freedom to never see any spectrum of light outside of "visible" light. Your freedom to only hear up to 20,000Hz of sound. Your freedom to never know the future in full detail. Your freedom to never exist as a species unless you procreate. Your freedom to be trapped in your physical body for the duration of life. Your freedom to never be able to stop physically moving as long as you live. But most importantly, your freedom to realize the illusion of freedom.

I am a collector of unusual and cool sounding names, drunk rants and raves, and any word that someone may mumble under their breath or express in the passion of a moment. For some reason, I keep a cool head and jot things down to dwell on later. I have always been a delayed type girl.

I have the Freedom to be that way.


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