Monday, October 17, 2016

No Music in Hell...Song/Poem

Here I am.
Singing the poem that I wrote.
Did NOT intend to make it a song when I wrote it.
It just happened.
(See post below from Friday, October 14th....)

No Music in Hell
by Theresa Arnold

No music will chime
In a fiery ring
No harmony, melody, lyrics will sing 

No 4/4 or 6/8
Or waltz will appear
People won’t see and they surely won’t hear. 

No Mozart or Beethoven
Brahms’ lullabies
And Shubert and Bach and Tchaikovsky will die 

No bluegrass no country
No rock and no blues
And folk, funk, and polka will disappear too.  

The A’s thru the G’s
And all notes in between
Are banished forever, Hell’s eternity 

No one will whistle
Or hum soft and low
Hell is not Heaven where music will flow. 

They’ll be no relief
Or comforting croons
Hell’s clamor or whispers will be the new tunes 

When outro breath’s taken
And souls rise and fall
Will music continue or cease…that is all. 


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