Saturday, October 22, 2016

Teacups Don't Have Tears

Teacups don't have tears.
Neither do stuffed animals, baby dolls, and toy race cars.
57 Chevy trucks don't.
Stars in the sky don't.
Trees don't.
Moments in time do not.
Roses don't.
Locks of hair from baby's first haircut do not.
Family pictures don't.
Old typewriters and old dial phones? Nope.
Grandma's reading glasses, Grandpa's pocket knives, and Uncle Lester's guitar do not.
Mom's wedding ring and dad's handkerchiefs don't cry.
The list is indefinite.

Things don't have tears.........people absolutely do.


{I was walking on my treadmill this morning and this title popped into my head....I can almost smell the words and memories of each thing written. Isn't that weird how that works?}

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