Friday, October 7, 2016

A Million Blogs....and Counting

I have started and stopped numerous blogs in my years of blogging. I had one that I was going to do called:

Dear Ya'll

I found this in my file and thought it was funny....

Dear Ya'll,

Once there was a man that had really big feet. Whenever he stood in line, the nearest person in front of him would be about three feet away. He smelled like garlic and roses because that is what he grew out in his garden.

It was a good thing his feet were so BIG!

The End :)

**my common sense husband's response to this story:

"Your ending didn't make sense." I had to explain that it was a good thing this guy’s feet were so big so that people had to stand three feet away from him in lines. My common sense husband said, "What about the back of the guy. Did he have a three foot heel that stuck out too?"

Some people.....!!!!



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