Wednesday, October 19, 2016

An Icky Day

Do you ever have icky days?

Yesterday has left me with a 24 hour Elvis Presley lip curl today because it was just plain old icky.....GROSS!! Thinking about it gives me ick bumps all over my body.....ugh!!

Why was it an icky day?

I know this sounds really mean to some folks, but .....wait a minute, let me back up.

I have been out of high school for 32 years (give or take). Dang, that is a long time. I guess some folks still live in the successes of their high school years. Thankfully, I do not. Wouldn't that be sad to have the accomplishments of your high school life be the pinnacle of your existence? I know people that still live in the good old "glory" days of high school and it is sad. Anyway, a guy that I went to school with came into where I work yesterday and got assistance from another person that works with me. I heard him talking to my co worker and he asked her if she was "Hispanic" and she said, "No, I'm Mexican." This guy is creepy and a little off in the head so I had to explain to her after he left that he was a few bricks shy of a load in school and I guess he never found the store to buy any more since then. He noticed me sitting behind her and yelled out, "Are you Theresa?" I knew right then who it was........Philip......

He left her desk and plopped down at mine and started talking about people from high school that I barely remembered and he just would not leave. I was very nice and said about three times, "Well, it's been nice talking to you......" and it went right over his head and flew out the door because he kept sitting at my desk. Finally, another customer stood at my desk waiting for me to help them and Phil stood up.....THEN.....he said....

"Are you married?"

ICKY!! Gross!!!

I said:

"Yes.....till I die! I am as happy as a lark and so in love with the man that I married that a movie is being made about the deep love shared between us. We are writing books and touring the world to teach other people how to have perfect marriages." (secretly, we are not and neither of us believe in "soul mates"....see my soul mate post. We even argue about soul mates and we believe the same's weird....)

I know that sounds's kinda like the movie Dumb and Dumber....."so, you're telling me there is a chance...."

No, no I am not.....

That is all for now. Every day brings something new to the table, doesn't it?

Life is GOOD...even on Icky Days.


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