Monday, October 24, 2016

The "F" Word and Being an Adult

I heard someone say
That the "F" word's OK
If adults want to say it,
That's Great!

"F" you, I'm smart
And "F" you, you're dumb
And "F" all the folks
That I hate.

"F" politicians
"F" all religions
And "F" all around
This huge globe.

"F" is for flaming
The fire of fear
Forever it fervently

"F" is the norm
It's become common place
To hear it, no one says
A thing.

Not even the children
React anymore
Cuz "F" words are used
When we sing.

Grandpa and Grandma
Say "F" all the time
They holler and yell
At each other.

It's perfectly fine
When we become grown,
Have children,
Become Dads and Mothers.

But WHOA...
Wait a minute....
A small tiny voice
Is heard among all of the "F's"

"Spider and snake bites
Are very small things
Their venom can cause
Pain and death."

"F" logic and grace
"F" pain and disgrace
"F" people who
Can't suck it up

With words that seem small
But hurt one and all
I don't want to EVER
Grow up!!!

by Theresa Arnold
(after hearing a comment from an adult about the "F" word being OK for adults to say.......REALLY?


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