Friday, October 14, 2016

No Music in Hell

Have you ever thought about it?



I was reading the Screwtape Letters this morning and there was a reference from Screwtape to his nephew about music not being in Hell. It was a small line, and it wasn't even stated as boldly as to say, "there is NO music in Hell". It was a line that was written in passing and then the next subject was brought up.....

I backed the HECK up and said...."WHOA There!!!!" No music in Hell??

I never thought about it, but I guess there won't be (not even banjo, bagpipe, or accordion like the comics that I read from time to time reference).

I LOVE music. I can't imagine an eternity without it. This thought kinda blew my mind a bit. Some people are scared of the flames in Hell or the total isolation or the pain and torment that will be inflicted on the souls of the damned. I'm upset about the non existence of music. Who knows?

I think that THINKING is scary......Thinking about stuff scares the Hell out of me sometimes (pun intended as I don't normally use the word "Hell" in written and verbal words)

I wrote a sobering poem about it this is sad. I'm saving it for another time.

No music in Hell........sad:(


The flip side of that is there WILL be music eternal in Heaven. I know that there will be trumpets...there's just gotta be other stuff as well. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC...for eternity.
I'm glad flip sides exist!!


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