Thursday, October 20, 2016

OH MY WORD, Micky O'Flabs

Don't usually post two things in one day....but....

Last year, I started a blog called "Micky O'Flabs, Love Letters from Fat"

It was basically correspondence between me and my fat. (not that I am THAT big, but fat is fat whether 1 pound of it or 100 pounds of it....true?)

I put that blog on "private" after a few write ups and only 8 posts when I got distracted by things such as life.

Anyway, I checked that thing today and there are over half a million hits on one of the posts. When you post on Blogger, it also goes to your Google thingy and I guess it was on there. How weird!

That is a high number for a simple blogger like me.

Anyway, I may bring that blog back. It is a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde thing as I am typing to and from myself and I am not sure how long I can keep up a self dialogue. Talk about limited conversation. I also have to put myself in Fat's place and be FAT while I am writing which is contradictory to what I want to be or have in my life. It is also a big deal, but it is NO big deal. Does that make sense?

I'm not one of those folks that won't eat one grain of sugar because it might cause cancer in my big toe. I am one of those folks that don't like belly fat hanging over my too small britches.....YUK! Hate it actually.

Anyway, here is to the rebirth of Micky O'Flabs if I can find the time and creative energy to do it. Unfortunately, I am not in FLAB mode at this point in my life. That was LAST year's project. We will see.......


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