Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Letter to Ya'll.....from Me:)

Dear Ya'll,

This is an on the cuff kinda letter to Ya'll....or is it "off the cuff"?

Me with one of 50 pairs of reading glasses that I currently own. My favorite
 spot to read is in my car!! I am in my Jeep in this picture. I have
done a lot of reading and praying here. I talk to myself too. I was
so glad when those cell phone ear devices came out so that I
wouldn't look like such a goober talking to myself. Now, I look like
I am talking on the phone. babble...babble....babble.....
I have two more days and my yearly project will be done concerning my letters to God. It has been a good one. I love writing letters to God. I wrote them during a time in my life that I NEEDED to write to Him. Actually, I NEED to communicate to Him every single day. I have started incorporating prayer in my morning routine and I can already tell the difference. I started by setting a timer for 5 minutes because I thought, "Surely, I can do at least 5 minutes of prayer time with God"....well, that timer goes off before I am finished. I am extending that time every day. Apparently, I have much to pray about. My opinion: If you are alive on this earth, you have a lot to pray about too.

I have a lot of opinions and I am learning that those opinions aren't necessarily parallel to what the bible teaches.........OUCH!! Bend me Lord so that I can grow straight! Have you every tried to bend something into a STRAIGHT position. IT IS HARD! But, God can do everything.......even bend the crooked to straight.

More later. Thanks so much to the people in the USA and to the other folks in other countries for reading this year. More later.......

aka: T:)

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