Thursday, September 1, 2016

Dove Season in Texas

FLY little doves.....FLY!!

Today is September 1st and open season on dove in Texas.

I saw three dove in our driveway this morning and I told them to hang out there for the entire month of September if they didn't want to get shot.

I love animals....both as pets and to eat. I know that may sound mean, but it is true. I feed the little hummingbirds in our backyard every day. They are wearing me out and eating all of our sugar. I don't care. I will feed them until they fly away at the end of this month. They need their sugar water. I fix their meal with one hand, and eat a chicken leg with the other hand.

This is crazy stuff. Does that make me a hypocrite? No. I'm human and have to eat to live and meat is good. I'm gonna live to be 101 years old because I eat meat.

On the other hand, I take care and feed all the little animals in our forest. It is the best of both worlds.

So, FLY!!! Fly little doves and don't get shot. If for some reason you do, and if my husband happens to bring you home after he shoots you, he will wrap bacon around you, grill you, and you will supply us with nutrients so that we can take care of the other animals. It IS the circle of life.


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