Thursday, September 8, 2016

My Soft Place to Land and Soul Mates


I love to fantasize and create images of fake people with cool backgrounds and false facts of awesomeness....but, I totally do not believe in soul mates and "soft places to land". It all sounds good and endearing to use these terms to describe a LOVE of your life, but come on! Really? It makes for poetic recreational reading to me.

What I have experienced thus far in my life is that when people use these terms to describe their relationships, they usually end up getting divorced, separated, or killing each other. OH MY GOODNESS.....don't you just HATE that? I am not saying that ALL folks end up that way that chose to communicate their feelings for each other using these types of terms, but who can eat HONEY all day long without throwing up?

I hate that I don't have a gooshie side to me when I deal with reality. I LOVE that I have a gooshie mooshie side when dealing with fantasy. Isn't that cool? I think in a relationship, it should be based on "what you see is what you get". How does a person know what they are getting if they are referred to as a "soft place to land" "my everything" "my soul mate". If I was someone's soul mate, I would feel sorry for them. I would let them down daily in the perfection department. I certainly don't want someone in my life that refers to me as their soul mate either. EWWWW.......get a grip buddy! I don't want that kind of pressure put on me and don't you DARE do that to me.

My love letters would certainly be insipid to a lover.

Dear Lover,

I am glad that you work and cook supper for me. You are good to be around. You aren't my everything, but you come pretty close to being almost some of the things that I need in life. Let's go get some groceries together and sing some songs that come on the radio together and laugh at funny looking people together and sweat together in the Texas heat? This one thing I do know about you:
I love you.
You will have to take me at my word.

Is that so bad?



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