Friday, September 9, 2016

On the Eve Eve of 9/11

I remember where I was on 09/11/2001 when the first plane, second plane, third plane, and forth and final plane crashed on that day. I remember the silence in the skies for the next 3 days after it all happened and no planes flew above. I remember exactly how I felt. I remember how crowded churches were that Sunday and the Sundays following. I remember how beautiful the sunsets where and the clouds were enormous and the air was crisp and cool and the temperature was PERFECT. It was like it was some type of consolation gift for what we had just experienced here in America.

I wrote this poem in 2007.....

Remembering Those Who Protect and Serve 09/11/2007 

Let us not forget
Six years ago today
The feeling that we had
In rubble our freedom lay. 

Each day we live this life
In bliss and without fear
Today is all we have to live
Tomorrow may not appear.  

The sacrifice of many
We owe our gratitude
Their selfless acts of duty
Sometimes are misconstrued.  

Let’s stop and do remember
To thank our Lord above
Each breath we take
Each word we speak
Is bought with someone’s blood.
People, we need to stop the fussin' and meanness. It is BAD!
We should never have to write poems about remembering horrible things.



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