Wednesday, September 21, 2016

No Depth, well...Maybe A Little

I can't come up with ONE deep thought these days.

It bothers me. I used to live in a world of "depthual" perception.

Clichés and hackneyed phrases dominate my thinking and litter the pathway of creativity.
(that's a pretty good sentence.....)

I have had a letdown as I thought this week that my writing project I began in June was finished when I wrote, what I thought, was the LAST thing on my list.  I read through my long list of writings and realized that I had duplicated 9 things on my list and now I have to come up with NINE MORE original creations. To be frank about it, I am depleted. I really don't want to stop until it is done, but I also don't want to produce garbage either. I can only write so much about skunks and squirrels and the stars in the sky and the sunsets and trees!! 

I will trudge on. I have asked for help from the teacher that assigned me this project in the first place. My teacher's name is Jesus. After all, He was/is the greatest teacher that ever lived/lives. I have a huge list of things to write about after this project is done that He has assigned to me. I am confident that I will get inspiration and finish this because there are 6 more books to write after this one. I have already begun the 2nd project which will take me time because it involves talking to 100 different people. That doesn't just happen naturally either.

IT IS EXCITING, but wearing me out!! Did I mention that I am also wall papering the house and trying to finish up the interior so that I can start on the landscaping and furniture restorations that I have in my head? I also work a full time job and have a husband that likes to go do HAVE FUN! What is THAT? Thank goodness for him:)





Love LIFE!

My brain sometimes likes to nap away creativity.....

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