Saturday, February 27, 2016

Song #504 Johnny

Just completed writing song #504 the other day. The name of the song is called "Johnny".

I love it.

Lucy Swindoll has written in journals her entire life. She is in her 80's now. She graphed out her life from the first thought that she could remember to current time. There were great peaks both high and low. I thought it was interesting.

I have been in the low end of graphing the last few months. I can feel a slight rise now. That sure doesn't mean that at any time the graph line will not take a deep dip into the depths of the ocean, but it could mean that it is on an upward climb to view a beautiful scenic kingdom called LIFE. Who knows?

It really is true: You NEVER know what a day will bring forth! NEVER!! You can plan out your life, but that doesn't mean that the road to your destination is gonna be straight. What I have found is that there are quite a bit of turns and pot holes along the way. WOO HOO! Makes it more interesting, that's for sure.

#504 to my goal of #1000.....if I live that long. It took me a while to write 500 songs.
Me singing: Johnny on my trusty little ukulele.

Today, I would just have to say:

Life is GOOD!

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