Friday, April 10, 2015

Britney Spears and Lou Bega

What do Britney and Lou have in common?

They went walking with me this morning on my treadmill. Three miles of musical fun! I found my daughter's CD stack and picked out two to work out with and had a heck of a time rockin' out to "A Little Bit of Mambo" and "Hit Me Baby One More Time".....

My husband came in to tell me good bye and of course had no idea what I was listening to as I had the CD player headsets on....YES, I had to purchase a Walkman the other day. I am stuck in the 80's. HELP ME!!

Enough for now. Must attend the showering room, get dressed, and attend work today. I think I will Mambo into the front doors of my job this morn and sing out LOUD!!


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