Sunday, March 1, 2015

Coffee Pee Stinks

Fiddle lessons are going well although I have been sick, there have been ice days to contend with, and pending paperwork projects that need perfecting!! YIKES. Too much.....on and on and on.

Today will be a good day. I started painting the bathroom and the new colors will make it look like Starbucks in there. I told my daughter that we need a cappuccino maker to perfect the feel. I am going to sit it right next to the toilet. Coffee pee stinks. It does. Coffee brewing smells good. Coffee pee and coffee brewing.....what is THAT gonna smell like? Which scent will win?

Why am I writing about coffee pee? Because it stinks. Smells are strange. I think a smashed skunk on the road smells a little like coffee brewing too. It does. Well, I think it does after the skunk has been dead for a while. I think a fresh kill is WAY overpowering and overrules the coffee smell.

Change of subject:

I began my CC project this past week. My book. The book that has been in my head since 2011. It will be in my head until I get it out on paper and THAT is the hard part. I LOVE the characters that are going to be in this book. I LOVE CC as she is a little like me. I LOVE CC's uncle and her grandmother. Her uncle...they call him awesome white trash and hilarious and so full of CRAP. Her grandmother is the most colorful woman I can conjure up in my head. CC is sarcastic...wait, I don't want to give too much away. I just can't WAIT to delve into these characters.

All for now.

oops...a picture ALWAYS has to be included:

Coffee pee and me.....

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