Monday, February 23, 2015

I Am Sick of Being Sick

What do I type right now?

I have been sick and on my back for the last 4 days. Who has time to worry about world problems and how much I weigh when I can't even breath because of gallons of snot in my upper torso? I literally can grab the stuff out of my nose and pull it out 6 to 10 inches at a time. That is how thick it is and how miserable I feel. I found some unused antibiotics from October of last year and so I began them this morning. I am up and typing now. Did some dishes and doing some laundry. Wrote some on Facebook, checked my junk mail on my email page, and picked up dog poop and sopped up some dog pee lingering around my clean clothes that I threw on the floor a week ago to fold before I got sick. Today is an ICE DAY. No work! I can sit up so I will do some kind of activity around the house to keep from getting pneumonia. (thank goodness for spell check as I spelled pneumonia incorrectly!)

All for now. I don't feel too many people are reading this, so I will type what I want for now. No structure right now. Just plain old typing what is on my mind.

and now....a picture of something....

Me and my Uke are waiting for
springtime to come!!

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