Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Armpits and Tulips

I started drawing pictures for my poetry book in mid December. It has been two months and I am going strong. I draw EVERY day. I wake up before every country animal in our forest does to begin a very long day. Today, I was working on a drawing of some tulips in a clear glass vase. The problem is, I don't have a poem to go with this now have to write a poem to go along with the picture that I drew. These flowers are not real. I bought them at TJ MAX. My husband does NOT like TJ MAX (he hates it) because he says that everything there smells like armpits and feet. This store is a place that you can buy name brand goods for next to nothing in price! Me and my youngest daughter were shopping and I saw these beautiful artificial tulips in a small glass container with the fake water in the bottom of it. The tulips were white and looked REAL. I picked up the flowers that were a steal for $7.99 because of how real they looked. I am an artificial flower super snob. The flowers have to look authentic when I pay nothing for them, none of that cheesy cheap stuff for me. Anyway, we were standing in line with armfuls of cheap stuff and all of a sudden I started smelling armpit stink. "What the HECK?" I thought it was me, so I smelled my pits, and then I asked my daughter if she smelled it and she said she did. I asked her to check her pits as well. It wasn't her. THEN.......I smelled the lovely, cheap priced expensive looking tulips and sure enough............THEY SMELLED LIKE ARMPITS! DANG if my husband wasn't right again!!

I bought them!

I sprayed some Febreeze on them and they still stink.

How did these flowers get armpit stink on them???? Was someone unloading them from the delivery truck and just tucked them under their arms when they carried them in the store?

Anyway, they make for a good model for drawing. I wonder if nude models smell like armpits too?

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