Thursday, May 12, 2016

A New Blog...Again...Daily Writing Prompts by T:)

I have started a new blog called "Daily Writing Prompts by T". All that I have to do is write one sentence a day. I think that I can keep up with that pace.

Coming up with a new idea each day shouldn't be too hard. I am finding that I tend to lean toward a dark and negative vibe when coming up with fresh ideas. I am not sure if I like that and I certainly did not realize that I would do that when coming up with a "fresh" idea.

Too much exposure to the internet and media I guess.

Anyway, it has been interesting thus far.

I can even type up one liners on my phone without too much trouble. I like the two handed typing best though. I have GOT to get away from the phone/online stuff and do more walking around in the woods or dark and use my imagination. Maybe I should hang out with my 7 year old nephew. He is FULL of wonderful ideas. He even messes with an ipad from time to time. How is imagination possible using an ipad??

Anyway, Daily Writing Prompts by T:) is on task for future flopdum or famedum.

Regardless of flop or fame, it is fun to do for now.


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