Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Springtime and Cool Names

I walked out of the building that I work in today at lunch and thought...."It's going to be a long summer". The first day of spring was yesterday and the temperature is already pushing 90 degrees on the thermometer. Winter was short, spring was shorter.

Short winter+shorter spring=LONG Summer!!

Mathematically speaking of course.

Two doves almost flew into my head as I walked to my car to take a break. I almost stepped on a crawling caterpillar on the side walk, and the baby bunnies were taking over the front yard in the morning when I let the dogs out to pee. The coyotes were close to the house and it sounded like a million laughing girls were ready to run from the trees, surround us, and eat us alive.....they were CLOSE y'all! I have major boob sweat too early in the day and year for my liking and I looked at portable fans the other day to place strategically in my house as I basically do EVERYTHING. I need one in the bathroom by the toilet, one by the bathroom sink while I brush my teeth, one in the dressing area when I do my hair, one by the sink in the kitchen as I do the dishes, one in the laundry room while I pretend to fold the clothes, 3 upstairs in my workout/art/music room (treadmill/drawing board/workout mirror), one going up the stairs because the heat hits me in the face half way up the stairs, living room is OK as my husband keeps the temperature in there about 65 degrees, one on my side of the bed while I sleep, one by the ironing board as I iron.....I think that is it. How many is that? Let me count......10. I counted 10 fans. I like air. What can I say? I LOVE air!! Can't live without it. I like the kind of air that blows around, not the kind that sits still and does nothing. Kind of like life and living. Do you like life to sit still or move? I still like life to move around. I'm not old enough yet to enjoy a good SIT! Not yet!!! I'm partial to the saying, "I'll have enough time to sleep when I'm dead" from that classic movie "Roadhouse" starring Patrick Swayze and Sam Elliott.

Short post today. I tried to pull up my tulip poem, but the net was dead so I could not. I do not like to depend on the internet for memory and recall!! Drives me NUTS!

The title of this post is called "Springtime and Cool Names". I have quite a list of cool names that I have collected throughout the years. I was telling a few to a young man that I work with. He LOVED them! I'll give y'all one of them as I may write a book about the extraordinary unusual TRUE names I have encountered in my lifetime thus far:

Jr. Godi (pronounced Joon-yer Goat-eye).

Say it outloud....Junior Godi!!

Real name.....one of my husband's relatives....likes to eat sticks of butter.....(who doesn't?)


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